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With a Woman...Chemistry Means Way More Than Anatomy! The Fact That Kori J Is Personality, Brains, and Beauty Is Just A Triple Threat Bonus!

This is only a piece of Kori J and I encourage you to visit my personal page.

Ok here goes! I was born and raised here in Missouri in a very small town about 75 miles northwest of Kansas City. However, when I was 14, I moved with my Aunt to Seattle, WA., where I learned more of who I was, and more importantly what I wanted to be.
Seattle was a beautiful experience. I lived there up until I graduated from college.(Go Huskies!!) Now Im back here in my Mother-land and am eager to find out exactly what Ive been missing.
I have been in the escort business for only a short while, however I have ALWAYS possessed the urge and eagerness to please and put a smile on someones face.
I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I can guarantee that you will too.
Im a very fun, energetic, passionate girl. I love traveling, shopping, looking FABULOUS, and most of all , making sure that the impression of Kori J is ever-lasting to whomever graces my presence. I encourage you to take a few minutes and browse thru the site.
I have a blog that I regularly update, as well as a gallery that Im always updating with tons of new and juicy pictures.
Check me out and enjoy your moment with the one and only Kori J.

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(816)579-0317, (816)301-5595

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