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“Look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight, I'll come to thee by moonlight. Though hell shall bar my way.”

If you're seeking a genuine a tryst that will lull away the every day stress of life, I am your courtesan in waiting. I am the companion that kisses away the burdens of monogamy and monotony. My preference is longer engagements. I enjoy the moments before. Building the anticipation for a passionate evening can make the difference between a contented rendezvous and a memory that will last a lifetime. Let me offer you an invitation to be all of you, without judgment or the boundaries day to day life locks around you.

What I adore about this sort of arrangement is the ability to escape from the mundane day to day. The ability to indulge and create these perfect, romantic, encounters together without the chains of commitment. I am your escape from reality and you are mine.

I offer my company and passion to discreet, generous, gentlemen, only. I am selective, as I value quality experiences over quantity. You will never find yourself fallowing a train of men when you set a date with me. I carry a very low traffic status, as I feel it creates quality for both of us. If I should decline a date with you, please take no offense. I promise you, if I decline it is in both of our benefits. I value my reputation and your experience. If I cannot be sure you will walk away from my company completely fulfilled, I would rather recommend a lady that will do so for me.

I offer no illusion or mask. No scripted service or robotic stares. I am a passionate woman with many skills. An avid adorer of all things science fiction and fantasy. Anime, movies, books, all things that lure you with a good story. An artist to the very core of my soul. I love to read, write, paint, and I admit I adore gambling.

I am absolutely a geek. I may also be a nerd. Educated, poised, and versatile, I can easily fit into any venue. From a high end restaurant, a gun show or just a private night in, I can promise an engaging evening.

My vices are few but they do exist. I have recently switched to a vaporizer. It provides the nicotine without the smoke! Provided you are comfortable with me using it, I am very comfortable never smoking again! The more comfortable I am the more likely I will forget the clock exists on our date (Up to a point). So being allowed to use the vaporizer during our date can prolong our mutual enjoyment of each others company. The more we get to know each other the more likely I will linger just a little longer to enjoy all the amazing things that make

I favor intelligence and gentlemen as companions. Kindness and thoughtful natures will get the best of me.

One day I dream of traveling. Experiencing the world and all the different cultures.

You are invited to slip over to my website. There you will find video's that reveal, I do indeed, match my pictures. You will also find a plethora of information about myself, screening, and what I offer. There you can get to know almost anything you could desire to know about me as a person, and as a courtesan.

Discretion is paramount. I hold great pride in maintaining a discreet, and yet breath taking appearance. Beauty should not be loud but rather a gentle whisper that reaches out to capture all of your senses.

Screening is also of vital importance. Screening is meant to allow us both a safe and comfortable environment where we are free of tension and unanswered questions.

I strongly encourage and invite you to book your date in advance. The more notice I have the better I can prepare.

Please see my website for additional discounts.

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