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Insatiable Fantasy Encounters by Dahlia Urban

* There Were Things She Wanted So Badly To Experience **

** Dirty Things Her Single Life Didn't Provide **

** Things She Couldn't Stop Herself From Fantasizing About **

Her problem was she couldn't stop creating fantasies for every person that she made acquaintance. These fantasies had become quite debilitating as they seemed to consume her, consume her every thought.

~ Fantasy after fantasy, they never stop coming...

Steam escaped the shower, like smoke from a burning cigarette. She kept the hand held shower head close to her slippery soaped up body. As the hot water scorched her responsive parts, her hand slid over the smooth skin of her stomach continuing down where she drifted off into her fantasy...

I am 100% GFE: Uniquely Personalized Girl Friend Experience

- Body Type: -
Height 5'3", Athletic, Toned, Sexy, Curvy, Feminine

- Skin: -
Smooth, Soft, Tan (Olive) Complexion, Shaved-Landing Strip

- Chest: -
34 C, Natural, Pierced

- Hair: -
Long Wavy Brunette with Swirls of Caramel Highlights

- Status: -

- Likes: -
Nature, Animals, The Universe, Deep Intellectual Conversations, Laughter, Openness and Acceptance, Football, Anonymous Good Deeds, Exploring Sexuality, Unquenchable Quest for Fun and Knowledge

- Hobbies: -
Writing, Reading, Anything Related to Comedy as I love to Laugh, Working Out, Epicure, Meditation, Volunteer Work, Live Music/Concerts, Embarking Upon A Journey, If It Has Fun Written All Over It... Count Me In!

- Personality: -
Dynamic, Intellectual, Dark and Dry Sense Of Humor, Friendly, Sensual, Preserve a Code of Honor, Insatiable Drive for Change and Adventure, Personal Magnetism, Supremely Fun and I Absolutely Love Teasing Through Sexual Innuendos, Wit and Flirtatious Charm

- Photos: -
Large array of Photos located in the Gallery on my Website

- Activities Available: -
Visit my Website under the "Encounters" tab

- Reviews: -

TER (ID 231529) and ECCIE (Urban Dahlia or Dahlia Urban)

> > Outcall < < - (Kansas City Metro Area)


Ask me about < Escort Doubles > as I have a Friend I love to Play with and Share.

My girl friend and I LOVE to Travel. We are more than happy to come to your state/area to visit you anytime for a very special Double!

Ask me about details.



> Kansas City Metro Area <

-Doubles Available-

> I will happily Come To Your Location to visit you Anytime outside of my normal tour schedule. <

Ask For Details
-Doubles Available-


You will become much more intimately acquainted with me by Visiting My Website (please see link below).

In addition to discovering who I am My Website is filled with information regarding:

- All Details On Rates and Activities Offered
- My Photo Gallery with Full Nudity
- Any New Options Available

DISCLAIMER: My Website Loads Slowly On Smartphones and Tablets, So Please Be Patient If You Are Not Using A Computer.

I look forward to having an Insatiable Fantasy Encounter with you soon.

XOXO Dahlia Urban XOXO

Phone Number: 

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